LED Screens: A Quick Guide

Devices and appliances today have come a long way from the beginning of modern technology many decades ago, and its continuous and swift evolution in just a short period of time. Screen displays, for example, have started from cathode ray tubes in the early 1920s, which was first available in monochrome only until a colored one was developed few decades later. Today, barely a century later, many other types of more modern screen displays have come into development and quickly became popular in the market: LCD or liquid crystal display, ELD or electroluminescent display, and LED display or light emitting diode, have all taken over the modern market where people are always anticipating newer developments that are more advanced and improved versions of its predecessors.

LED, which can be used in many types of led video displays and can be powered by different energy sources, is a flat panel that makes use of diodes that can emit light to create the pixels that will make up the video display. Its light can be so bright, which has also made it an ideal material for displaying ads, transportation and road signs, and even for stage lighting as it can easily stand out. LED first came into development in the late 1970s, where the first model was only monochromatic, until the red, green, and blue, triad was finally completed in the following decade.

Although commonly powered by electricity, LEDs can also be powered by battery, especially the portable versions that need to be wireless for better usability. LED screens are also very common today, and is probably one of the most popular devices used in outdoor marketing as anyone can see around the streets, roadsides, on top of buildings, subways, and malls. LED video displays, lights and screen are generally costly to buy, which is why a lot of companies offer rental services for various LED products, which is more affordable especially if it will only be used for a short period of time.

These rental services are often very useful for marketing campaigns and during all sorts of events, whether indoors or outdoors. Common examples of these products are mobile video screens, LED video wall screens, mobile LED truck, outdoor led video screen , LED signs, and jumbotrons. LED display rental companies can be easily found these days because of the product's popularity, consumers just need to decide the type of LED they want with all the varieties available today that can be overwhelming to choose from especially for marketing use.